September 23, 2009

My Husband Loves Me

He really does. Just look at the proof from this week:

dumpster sunflowers

He brought me a whole, huge bunch of cheery sunflowers.
Just because he loves me.
Not just because he found them in a dumpster by his work.
For free.
Just waiting to be taken.
Nope. I'm pretty sure he brought them to me just because he loves me. ;-)

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Arya said...

Of course he does! And I guess how lucky you are! Gorgeous flowers, by the way!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Your husband is a sweetheart, Susan! I'm sure he absolutely adores you. Those are beautiful flowers. =)

Anonymous said...

Tell Big Dude thanks :). Hopefully Darcy won't see this post, otherwise I might need to be dumpster diving around here. I'll probably only find a stack of weeds :).

BTW, beautiful pictures like always.

tearese said...

nice! My husband gave me some flowers that included a sunflower a few weeks ago, isn't it great? I love your bunch.

Tracy P. said...

Big Dude has the advantage of knowing his flower gifts will be immortalized like this and enjoyed a whole lot longer than most! :-) Dumpster or no dumpster. Lucky Big Dude, and lucky you!

Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

I am rolling Susan...completely rolling. This is just about the only way that Sweatiepy would bring flowers home to me too! That's okay, I guess I'd rather save the $$$ and nag him into buying me a new lens instead. Hee!

Life with Kaishon said...

I just want to know who in the world would throw out flowers like that? WHAT in the world were they thinking. Those are perfection : )