September 29, 2009

My Favorite Lightroom Links

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It's no secret that I love Lightroom. So very much. This is my list of go-to sites for help and enlightenment. I'll try to keep it updated as I find new links, and I'll keep it linked inside my Photo Gear tab that's always easily available in my linkbar.

Amazing & vast collection of Lightroom video tutorials - FREE! (from Adobe)

Exporting Images (Helen Bradley) - the trickiest concept, I think, for newcomers to Lightroom to understand is exporting images. This is a fantastic link to explain exporting...

Extensive link list for using Mogrify to add watermarks and borders. (XEquals, Michael Gray) - LR is sadly lacking watermark support. Timothy Armes' plug-in fills in the gap.

Using Photoshop actions as droplets in LR. (The Lightroom Lab, Scott Rouse)

When/how to use Snapshots instead of Virtual Copies.(XEquals, Michael Gray)

Using a Graycard with LR Sync. - my own quickie tutorial on using the gray card to simply and quickly color correct a whole series of photos at once.

Sharpening. (DPS, Helen Bradley)

List of 8 great sites that list free presets. (Digital Photography School, Christine Dickson)

A plethora of plug-ins. (XEquals) - including all sorts of helpful exports to such places as Flickr, Costco, Wordpress & Blogger, Facebook, Smugmug, Gmail, etc.

Introduction to Lightroom Plug-ins (Lightroom Blog)

Web Module Galleries + ftp uploading (XEquals)

Step by Step Creating a Slideshow for the Web (Digital Photography School, Helen Bradley)

Favorite Lightroom Sites:

Lightroom Killer Tips (Matt Kloskowski) - tips, videos, free presets, upgrade/update announcements


Helen Bradley - Lightroom and Photoshop tips and techniques

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♥ Spoiled Mommy ♥ said...

I swear you read my mind!!
Everyone told me to get Lightroom, that it would save me so much time. I did, and Im SO LOST!!
I always stalk your site because I follow your stuff on I <3 Faces and I love your work.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!!
Gosh you dont know how badly I needed this RIGHT this minute.

Heidi said...

Just when I think I'm finally getting a tiny foot-hold, I suddenly go back under water, barely gasping for air..... I need several of me, particularly one dedicated to figuring out all this photography/editing stuff. As soon as I find one, I can't wait to make use of these links. You're the best, Susan!

The Animator's Wife said...

I am converted. And I hold you entirely responsible!

Anonymous said...

I have had Lightroom for months now and have yet to install it (busy, no time to learn it...). I'm thinking November may be my time to buckle down and do it, and then I will come back and revisit all these helpful links. Thanks Susan!

Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

I've had Lightroom for a year and a half and rarely use are convincing me of how foolish that is. This is such a wonderful list of resources Susan. WOWZA!!

I might be hitting you up to have this posted over at I ♥ Faces too. Who am I kidding - I'll hit you up right now. Can we post this over at I ♥ Faces sometime? Pretty please?! lol!

Heather Grilliot said...

wow this is great stuff! Thank you Mrs. Susan!

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Love lightroom. Hate photoshop. Is that weird? I'm wondering if you're now using LR3? Do you love it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch! Can you please fix the link for the grey card info? It seems to be missing the URL. ;)

Projectwoman said...

Thanks Susan

I totally appreciate the link to my blog. I absolutely love Lightroom for its power, but it can be tricky to use when you're new to it so I try to post things that will make life a bit easier when you're starting out.



Tracey Wendel said...

Dear Susan,

Photography is one word, but the topics it encompasses is massive. I love it all and I get overwhelmed, don't we all? I was searching for direction on photo albums, and I - no joke - saw your spread in a sea of pins on Pintrest and was immediately drawn to it. After evaluating your layout visually, I had that oh so elusive 'Ah Hah!!" moment!! I have since begun to pour over your site for any and all nuggets you have shared. Thank you so much for the time and info provided that I might find it, be inspired by it and not feel so alone.

I want to have control over page layout, to be able to do exactly what you have done. I've downloaded a trial Fotofusion and am trying to understand it. It is a challenge at the moment just to try to figure out how to see two pages at once.

I am also wondering how you get your pages into MyPublisher album. Once you've created your pages, to you upload as a whole book to MyPublisher to print? Or do you use MyPublisher software to build book, and load your pages in as images?

Thanks SO much for the information and sharing!

Skeller said...

Tracey - I'm happy if anything I've written has been helpful to you! Another couple quick links to album posts I've written in case you didn't come across them ...

Fotofusion ... to see two pages at once you need to be designing in "album" not "sheet" mode. Fotofusion used to have great tutorial videos. Dig and around and see if you can find them!

MyPublisher ... after I export each of the designed pages from Fotofusion (ie. page 1 is exported as a single jpg that I name something lame like "page1"), I load each single page jpg into MP's software - one single image jpg that fills the whole page.

Best of luck as you refine your process and create beautiful albums!!