August 21, 2009

On the Road Again!

Day 1: CA, NV, AZ, Utah!!

My best intention was to blog our trip "real time", but you know about "best laid plans..." First I forgot to pack my camera-to-computer cord, so I couldn't upload my pictures. We remedied that problem on day 2, just to discover that our hotel room had internet ... for a fee. sigh. So here we are on day 3, and I'm hoping we find a free wi-fi eatery on the road along the way... (nothing on the road, so here we are night 3 in a hotel with S.L.O.W. internet, but slow is better than nothing at all!!)

WA roadtrip day 1

And just so you all know ... no need to consider dropping by our home to break in and loot and steal ... because we have our killer lizard on the loose. A not-to-be-named Dude (cough, cough, Eldest...) rearranged the sticks in the cage and our killer guard lizard is now on the loose, protecting our home and property. (Mom? No need to fill his water bowl, but if you happen to see him?... please catch him and return him to his proper place. Thankyouverymuch!!)

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Anonymous said...

now thats funny..did you find him?