June 2, 2009

SoCal - Seattle - Spokane - Seattle - SoCal

Sci-fi Museum, Muppets & Music, lots of family, a brand new niece, Jars of Clay, Waterfront Park ... 5 days, 1100 photos. My kind of vacation!










Hmmm ... looks like our trip might have tired out some of us... ;-)


More to come. But first, laundry.

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Tracy P. said...

City pics! Fun to see your take on that. Looking forward to more. And baby, of course!

Deidra said...

Oh I can't wait to see the rest! That b/w photo of your niece looks like the one you showed us from your photo workshop a few posts back! So much fun! Thanks for taking us along.

Piggy said...

Gorgeous set of photos capturing all sorts of life's beauty! So talented!

theArthurClan said...

Where do I even start? Everything about these is fabulous. The baby, the city, that awesome car, the cute little dudes. Love it Susan!

Leslie said...

oh Susan please please please
tell me you got more pictures of that little girl holding the baby.

she looks like such a mini mamma...

I love it.
So so sweet.

Anonymous said...

what a hodge-podge of beautifulness! i could eat that baby up! love the shot between the plant...you paparazzi, you!

Irene said...

Great photos and I really liked the kids by the neat red car.

Muppets? Hmmmm. Can't wait to hear about that.

Katarina said...

I think my fav so far has to be the one of all the kids around the car. It is too cute. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all the boys together! It must warm your heart to no end :) and the baby and little girl to sweet! So you were at my end of the country huh! Hope it treated you good! Blessing shi~

Anonymous said...

What a great set of pictures. It looks like you all had a blast.

Very cool.
B Dad

Teri said...

Such a sweet baby! 1100 pix? I am just like this. What criteria do you use to narrow down which photos will go in a book? Or do you just include most of them? That would be something like a 5" book. :-)

Lizzie said...

at fun! we did that drive many times when i was a kid :)

A Circle of Quiet said...

I agree -- the red car pic is CLASSIC. And Dad holding all that beautiful baby...well, that just makes me cry and smile all at the same time. Beautiful work, Susan.