June 19, 2009

Littlest Dude is NOT a thrill-seeker... ::Aliso Viejo Photographer

Which is why he hasn't exactly been begging us to teach him to swim.


He tearfully told the nice lady in charge of the swim school, "I. Don't. Like. to. get. WET."


His instructor definitely has his work cut out for him with Littlest Dude.


So far, so good. Mr. C is GREAT with kids!!


So it's really not surprising that he already has Littlest Dude smiling...


... as he tries to "run over" Mr. C. (oh yeah, Mr. C totally *gets* boys)


A good swim instructor is worth his weight in gold. :-)

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Leslie said...

ohhh these pictures are so sweet... so proud of him..
and missed you yesterday...
were finally seeing some light at the end of our sick tunnell, minus the cough.

Heasleye said...

These are great captures of a great looking lesson! It certainly looks like you've got the perfect instructor for LD. I love the use of that mat in the water, rather than a traditional kick-board. At this stage, that would seem to provide an extra measure of security. My little guy steers clear of risk and thrill, but once he got used to the water, he became a complete fish! Your guy is off to a great start!

Aunt Tea said...

that actually brought a tear to my eye Ü it just means so much when we hand over our treasure and they are treated with care, and we see success.

Heather said...

Oh, amen-- good instructors don't come around every day. Cherish the one you have-- he's a real blessing and will hopefully make all the difference for your little dude :)

Have a super weekend!

Rhonda said...

My 5 year old and I were in the same position as you guys last year. He had daily lessons (5 days a week) for a month. The first couple of days he cried when his instructor came out to the pool for him. For the whole first week, he cried every time I said it was time to get ready for swim lessons - and at the end of that week he told me he'd had enough. But he was brave and followed through and now, this year, he is a little fish - swimming without floaties, jumping off the diving board - no fear!
We wouldn't be here today without the awesome instructor we had last year (and lots of grace from God!)

Tracy P. said...

Amen x3! Funny, that's exactly what I was gonna say! I LOVE that last one!!

I taught swimming through high school (i.e. I'm picky), and our experience has been mixed--but we now have kids who can swim, thanks to some wonderful teachers. Interestingly, we tried the expensive swim school (warm for little bodies), the Y (I knew we wouldn't be back when the mom next to me said "Don't feel bad, my kid's on his sixth time in this level"), but the charm for us has been plain ol' community ed. Go figure! In fairness, the Y has since restructured their whole program, I'm told.

tearese said...

I hate to get wet too. And I still can't swim worth anything. I used to be unafraid of water-even though I couldn't swim- but now I start to hyperventilate when my feet cant touch the ground. Its really weird.
Hope he learns better than I did!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember ever not being able to swim--my parents started me pretty early. We did a parent/child class with Anja this spring, and she did great, except she still has this HUGE fear of getting her face wet. She cries every time we wash her hair even.

I will search for someone like Mr. C!

Life with Kaishon said...

I adore Mr. C. Anyone who makes kids love water is a cool person in my book! Littlest Dude is so cute. And getting so big.

Is that your camera bag in the first picture? Or a purse? Whatever it is, I LOVE it. It looks like a California bag : ) You are so cool!

Laurie said...

I LOVE these! Your color in all of them is gorgeous! My little one is the same way!

Katarina said...

Those are great pictures. Here's to hoping he's a little fish in no time.
Good instructors make ALL the difference in the world. YAY for finding a *good* one!

Suki said...

Good instructors are worth a lot.

SKELLER said...

Life w/ Kaishon-
yikes. sorry for my tardy reply.
it's my camera bag (Jill-e). my purse is just a glorified wallet on a strap that I've had for the last 12+ years. my purse reflects that generally I like to travel light. really light. until my camera obsession anyway. now I travel pretty heavy. ;-)