April 29, 2009

I Heart Faces - Giveaways!!

By now, if you're a frequent visitor here, you know I love I Heart Faces. Not only do they have fantastic, fun, inspirational, educational contests each week, Friday Fix-its that make good pictures into Great pictures, awesome tutorials, BUT [wait, there's more!], they ALSO have frequent give-aways -- like the one they announced today. They're promoting Alien Skin's newest product, Bokeh. It's nifty and clever and available as a free 30-day demo. So I downloaded it to play around a little (hey, it's an effective way to avoid real life responsibilities. sigh.) Here's my first manipulated photo. I won't tell you how long it took me to do this, because it's quite embarrassing. Let's just say I'm not so much a whiz with the whole "quick" selection tool in Photoshop.

IMG_9295IMG_9295-Edit copy-2

Anywho, the Bokeh plug-in gives you a way to simulate a faster aperture lens than you may have in your arsenal, thus adding "blur" & additional depth of focus to your image.

Btw, these were the pics we took for Littlest Dude turning six. Cute, but too bad I wasn't brilliant enough to make the six look like a 6 instead of a 9. :-{ Live and learn.


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theArthurClan said...

Happy Birthday Little Dude! I imagine he had a ball. :) (Bummer on that 9 though...)

You made this program look even more amazing than I thought it was Susan. I need to go try out the free download. Super cool!

Anonymous said...

Yea, i want to know how long it took you? :)

Happy B-Day Little Dude. We have a couple Boybarian B-Day's coming up soon.

Nice images and it looks like the program was fun.

B Dad

tearese said...

Hey, I was just looking at that this morning! Of course I totally entered for this stuff. I would love to have this action. Yours look great, btw.

Rhea said...

Very cool program! I like what it did to the pictures. Great photos!

Teri said...

I love this pic. And I know it is a 6.

Donna Boucher said...

Very cool! You did a great job!

I hear ya tho....I tried to blur something yesterday and failed after one hour of trying. Darn layers....why do you have to confuse me so.

Teresa said...

Beautiful, and so sweet! Your little dude is such a handsome little fellow...happy birthday to him!

The Animator's Wife said...

I can't find the 30 day free trial from these folk. Is that available to all???

LOVE the way you used this and want to play too. :)

SKELLER said...

Animator's Wife - yes! it's available to all (and on every product they offer!). Just click on the link in my post, the one that says "30 day demo", and it'll take you to the right place. :-)

The Animator's Wife said...

Was that there all along? Oh my, it must be Monday or something... sorry!

seasonsmom said...

Susan,WOW! That is some cool pic edited, huh? I so hope to win the giveaway. I entered every way possible! I didn't know they had 30 day trial. But I am so afraid to try it out. Last time I did with LR2 I had to buy it, but I got it from Academic Superstore for so much cheaper and love it. I find it a whole lot easier that CS3 which I still have yet to learn (uh, when I don't homeschool that is, which is always, so my chances to learn CS3 are slim unless i get rid of the kids for a few days). Your 6yo is so cute!