February 22, 2010

Keeping Middle Dude Busy

Last week Middle Dude’s school had Winter Break.  Keller Academy, however, did NOT.  (because here at KA, we like to be done with school by the end of May!!)  It was imperative, then, to keep Middle Dude busy busy busy, in order to keep distractions to KA down to a minimum.  :-)  I thought 39 Clues would keep him busy.  But alas, he finished all those before his vacation even began.  But I was, like, on it, and with two more trips to the library I found a couple more books for him to keep his nose in.  That, and giving him daily “homework” making a new Mindstorm robot, and he was nicely occupied all week.

_MG_2785 Those lashes.  Each Keller Dude has them.  Big Dude has them, too.  Me?  Alas, no.

_MG_2783 _MG_2781
_MG_2787 _MG_2788


Now it’s back to ye ol’ grindstone for Middle Dude!


Kat said...

OH this is a problem for us too! When I plan out Katie's school work, I always forget about the strange holidays of Madalyn's school - so she ends up having to do school work. Or if Madalyn gets a snow day - why on earth would a homeschooled child need a snow day? :-)

And your previous post - I have been trying so hard to capture the rain - cause it rains here all the time. You'd think it was Seattle. But...I just can't get it right.

Tracy P. said...

Wow, the engineering gene AND the eyelash gene. Lucky kid!

Life with Kaishon said...

Seriously. The lashes. Out of control. Amazing : )

You are such a good Mama!