February 7, 2009

I Heart Date Nights.

Errand without kiddos, including getting a new MacBook Pro from Apple, because they couldn't fix our old one. (We'll probably list this new one on Ebay. Any takers? We'll make you a deal...). Thai food dinner. Cards at the coffee shop.


Big Dude let me win. By a large margin ... I'm just sayin'... ;-)

Some pretty eye candy. Really. Candy. Sitting outside a fun, tho totally overpriced, candy shop.


addendum for clarity: we didn't BUY a new MacBook Pro. Apple GAVE us a new one in exchange for our old one (that spent more than a month with them over this last year) that they were NOT able to fix. In our case, it totally paid to buy that Apple Care package back when we originally purchased the computer.

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JourneytoFamily said...

Of course you announce this right after we bought two Macbooks. :) We would've bought it off you!

Anonymous said...

I get a date night on Friday--can't wait! Yours sounded like a blast.

Holly said...

they list at about $2800....too expensive for me!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I would enjoy date nights so much if it ended on dropping a couple grand at the apple store, :). So what's wrong with it? You should ask Darc about her Apple store experience this past Friday night :).

The candy images are awesome and what a funny line about it. :).

Yes, I'm loving my camera, it's so sweet : and so is my bride for getting it :).

B Dad

fxmixer said...

I love that these images tell a story. Seems very warm and loving.

Life with Kaishon said...

The candy picture is too cool. I could look at it for an hour : ). Brilliant.

I don't know anything about Mac's but I am glad you got a new one : ). YAY! I especially love that it was free.

Rhea said...

How much are you thinking about selling it for?

Glad you got a date night!

Teri said...

We just had a date night. Yay for date nights. Very necessary.

Leslie said...

Yeah yeah yeah for date nights. I always love your posts and hot chocolate and beach and I have not yet gone to the new candy shop is beautiful on the eyes... :)

Miss you friend, are you loving the rain!??!