January 6, 2009

Not Your Typical Tea Party

In fact, not a tea party at all. A picnic. Littlest Dude informed me.


He made a salad. And invited "Junior", his dragon.


Junior seemed to enjoy himself. As did Littlest Dude.


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fxmixer said...

A great time lovingly captured.

theArthurClan said...

What a beautiful capture of one simple moment in your family.

P.S. My kids have that dragon too and he is well loved! :)

Janet Coffin said...

I just love children! And picnics with dragons!

SKELLER said...

How totally fun to "see" you here!

SKELLER said...

ps. Janet-
Did you see Mark's armoire in the post below? We've still got it. Still love it!

Janet Coffin said...

Yes, I saw the armoire and immediately asked Mark if he ever made anything for you. He said, "Why, yes, I believe I made her an armoire." It was fun to see it in the picture.
BTW, I've totally enjoyed your blog and beautiful photos.

JourneytoFamily said...

I love it! We have that same dragon!

Tracy P. said...

A SALAD! What a healthy choice. Lucky Junior!

the Steiger's said...

What a cute party.
Susan I came across your blog few weeks ago. I love your pictures. I wanted to ask you what camera bag you use. Thanks

Teri said...

A salad party. That rocks!

Rhea said...

Junior is a cute dragon. I'm jealous I haven't been invited to a picnic with a dragon and a boy recently. What's up with that?!

carrie said...

I've just begun to look over your blog and I love it! Love the simple glimpses into every day life and your beach photography is amazing!

BTW: what kind of camera do you use?