January 16, 2009

Canyon View Academy gets ... Official?

For the past several weeks (and particularly the last two), I've been fairly consumed with pulling together a yearbook for Middle Dude's school. Compiling pictures, sorting pictures (into grades, activities, etc.), taking pictures, editing pictures, designing pages, etc. And I admit this ugly truth: I've been neglecting my family in this pursuit (oh yes. I have. Because I'm quite bull-headed and closure-oriented when in the midst of a p.r.o.j.e.c.t. If I lose momentum, well ... it's just not pretty or pleasing to my "check-it-off-the-list" personality). Here is the fruit of my labor thus far.


Hmmph. Certainly doesn't look like much when I consider the vast hours invested. But it is what it is.

Here is Middle Dude's official class page.

tyler yearbook

So Eldest Dude decides that we need our own official yearbook page. And, of course, we all dropped what we were doing (hey, we're all pros at procrastinating real school stuff) in pursuit of pictures to make us "official." Here's the result.

canyon view academy-000001

I'd like you to take notice of a couple of the distinctives of our Academy:

casual uniform attire,
stickers from grocery store errands ok,
bare feet encouraged, messy uncombed hair allowed,
no make-up necessary.

I know, I know: you'd all like to be a part of such an academy, wouldn't you? Well, I'm sorry to inform you that enrollment is now closed. Because the page is done, and I'm not going to revise it. Cause that sucker is crossed off my to-do list!

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Heasleye said...

Heehee...very nice work! And I'm thrilled to find a kindred spirit when it comes to crossing things off lists. I can be a real maniac. Laundry? Cooking? Schooling? What are those things anyway? It's a good thing I have such an awesome husband!
Seriously, I think this is truly why God thinks it's a good idea for me to homeschool...to reduce my tunnel vision a bit.

Heather said...

From one check-it-off-the-lister to another... job well done!

Have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful!

Discipula said...

nice job, Susan! I can so identify with the check-it-off-the-list mentality and the extreme focus. Happens way too often here...

Kat said...

How did I not know that you had one in school...and homeschooled the other?

I have friends that have been in charge of the yearbook for their school...and it's a huge job! Yippee for crossing it off!

theArthurClan said...

What a huge job! For your sanity, I'm glad that you got it completely finished and out of your way. Now, go have fun with your camera for a bit. :)

fxmixer said...

A great idea and a good job seeing it through. Looks like we represented Socal in the top five at I Heart Faces.

Heidi said...

Whew! I can imagine the yearbook thing is really time consuming, but it looks wonderful. I love, love, love your own yearbook page, though. It's awesome! You've inspired me. I'm going to make one instead of doing laundry today. :)

Thanks for the congrats. I can. not. believe I won the adult category! Congrats to you, too. Top five is amazing with the number of entries in that category!!

SKELLER said...

Yikes. I wish I was done with the school yearbook. As it is, I'm just more than halfway done.

But our Canyon View yearbook? Done. Finis. Complete. Not to be revised. ;-)

you know I applaud your clear priorities!!

Tracy P. said...

Too funny! My husband calls me the Closure Queen. Especially when it comes to cool projects.

I also didn't realize you sent one off to school. Yea to you and Kat for knowing your kids and doing right by each of them!

JourneytoFamily said...

Hey your school with the casual clothes, no make-up and un-combed hair looks just like mine. :)

I love it!

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

Ha Ha! Your post and the guys just tickles me.

About getting into projects..my problem is starting to brain storm and it usually happens in the bed when I am trying to sleep. Once it starts my head will not shut up!

Anonymous said...


I have no doubt that the year book will be great. I was so excited to hear that you are putting it together this year! Your killin' me though. All those blurry pictures, and I can't access all those other pictures...tease! LOL


Katherine said...

I had forgotten (or never known?) that Middle Dude was at brick & mortar establishment...his choice, I am imagining...

tearese said...

So is it like a private school run by parents, or some kind of academy or something? Looks good.

Rhea said...

First of all, I'm totally impressed you're doing a yearbook for a school. That's awesome.

Secondly, I love the idea of your own yearbook for your homeschooling. That's so cool!

Jim Rector said...

Susan I was introduced to you over on iheartfaces.com and am grateful to have found a kindred spirit when it comes to home education. I'm also very impressed by your photography skills. Your blog is now in my reader.

You have a big job in front of you this week picking the winners from all the great shots already entered over there. Have fun. :-)