December 31, 2008

Ever had one of those moments...

when you're completely in awe of your surroundings and circumstances and aware of the Master Creator Artist God? This afternoon was one of those moments for me.










Wondering where Littlest Dude was? I was keeping him safe, back by me. We didn't want one of those waves whisking him away.





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Mama Peep said...

Before I comment on your wonderful pictures and how I love the waves and the scenery......I would like to calmly ask....why are you all wearing shorts in December??????

Patricia in WA
cold, wet and still buried under snow....

Happy New Year!!!

Aunt Tea said...

yes, i do have those moments and having my camera with me seems to intensify it greatly. really hard to explain.

it feeds my soul.

i love that table rock thingy with the water pouring over it.

JourneytoFamily said...

What a gorgeous place, which you captured so beautifully.

You must tell us where it is, so we can see it in person!

fxmixer said...

An awesome series of images. Looks like a fantastic time at the magic hour.

Heather said...

Awesome, Susan... just awesome!

Ands shorts to boot... I'm trying desperately not to be jealous!

Heidi said...

I wonder how many times I've used the words gorgeous, awe inspiring, fantastic, beautiful, lovely, and amazing here in the comments section of your blog. Sometimes I don't comment because I can't think of anything new to say. I decided to visit and it tells me that pulchritudinous is a synonym of gorgeous, but I don't think I'll try to use it. How about sublime? :) Or resplendent?

Sigh. I just new you'd post pictures like these today. Check out my mud post, LOL.

Thanks for being the blog I rush to view every morning.

Kat said...

Ahhh...Heidi is a woman after my own heart. And I believe I have left the exact same comment elsewhere on your gorgeous blog.

The "waterfall" shots are just amazing.

And who lives in those houses off in the distance?!

SKELLER said...

you need a break from the cold and snow. How 'bout a road trip down?!?

Julie - It's Victoria Beach in Laguna. Our biggest problem when you guys drive down is WHICH beach we'll choose to hang out upon!

Kat - Very Rich People live in those beachside homes.

Heidi - That word that doesn't sound so beautiful comes from Latin word "pulcher". See? Homeschooling makes me soooo smart when it's not giving me gray hairs.

Thanks, All, for you kind comments!!

valerie said...

I do cherish moments like these more now than I ever have before. I'm constantly aware of His beautiful creations and special photo moments he send my way. I'm not a photographer by any means, but these days I'm always thinking...."I need to capture a picture of this or that!"
Lately it seems like I'm the only one with a camera at certain gatherings. I am at the stage of life where I don't want to miss a thing or take anything for granted & I want those pictures to cherish forever!
These are beautiful photos & you have a beautiful family!
Looks like a place I'd LOVE to be right now.
Thanks for sharing a piece of God's beautiful creation today with us.
I love your blog!

Darcy @ LWM3B said...

Man oh man.

Sign me up for the club in which every comment must sound exactly alike.

Stunning. Captivating. Awe inspiring.

All add those adjectives. They haven't been used yet this post.

Those really are beautiful. I've never seen anything like it. Was this as the tide was coming in?

Denise B said...

we could have seen you down there, but we opted for Dana Point Harbor instead. My husband is interviewing for positions in Boston again. I pointed out to him, as we were walking around the harbor, that he was wearing shorts...

Christi said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family. Enough said. LOL

Teri said...

Man, you live in a spectacular part of the country. As always, your pix are FABU!!!

Heasleye said...

Wowza! Look at those waves...and colors! Amazing photos of an amazing location!