November 28, 2008

That was then. This is now.

Remember last year when Littlest Dude was very upset NOT to have his own number?

This year, he got his very own number.

P1010039-1980px wide

Oh? You want to know why he's wearing that raincoat in SoCal, where it RARELY EVER rains? And when it does rain, it does so in the middle of the night so that the day is sunny as usual. That's what you want to know? Here's what the drive to the harbor looked like:


The Big Dude was a total stud. He ran both the 5k (with the older dudes) AND the Kids Fun Run (about a mile, with Littlest Dude). I took pictures. It's what I do. ;-)

P1010044980px wideP1010052-1980px wide

Littlest Dude also got a medal.

P1010053-1980px wide

Btw, these pics are all from my pocket camera. I don't bring my "big girl" gear out into the rain.

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Teri said...

Love these! And I'm with you on just taking the pictures. Um, no running here.

I am crossing my fingers that I will get a pocket camera for Christmas. I lovingly call this a spy camera because it can secretly rest in my pocket, ready for spy action at a moment's notice.

Tracy P. said...

Hooray for Littlest Dude!!!

JourneytoFamily said...

Hey, I see you got the rain I sent you. You're welcome! ;)

Irene said...

Wow! Comparing the boys pictures from last year to this you can really see their growth!

Lizzie said...

Yeah, we had rain in AZ too, crazy thanksgiving rain :) looks like you all had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Littlest Dude! What a way to begin your years of Turkey Trotting!

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

Looks like the boys had a lot of fun! Your "small" camera is not so bad either. :-)

Heidi said...

What a fun father/son activity! I'm sorry it rained on a day you had outdoor stuff planned, but it is nice to see that you get the wet stuff on occasion... :)

I'm proud of your guys for running... we don't do so much of that around here, LOL.