November 4, 2008


Sand graffiti, that is.

sand graffiti1

sand graffiti2

sand graffiti3

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SKELLER said...


JourneytoFamily said...

What fun! I want to leave sand graffiti!!!

Congratulations again! I'm so thrilled you won!!!

Rhea said...

Whew, I was worried when I saw the title of this post. Sand graffiti I can handle. Cute!!

Piggy said...

Must be great to be able to unwind at the beach after a long day of work. The closest I can get to that is through your beautiful photos. I find it very relaxing. Thanks, as always, for sharing! :)

tearese said...

an emoticon, huh?
Blogger hasn't been letting me comment on your blog the last few days, but I've loved your posts as usual!