November 1, 2008

An Afternoon at the Beach with Friends...

Internet Friends, nonetheless! What a treat: I got to meet Heidi (Mt. Hope Chronicles) and her sister Shannon (Poet's Garden) and her husband Russ and her three boys.

Here's Heidi. She and I have a little bit in common. ;-)

All the boys took maybe two seconds to warm up to each other.




These boys adore their Daddy :-):

Look at Heidi & Russ's thrill-seeking 4yo son WAY UP HIGH on a rock. When Heidi quickly disappeared, I just assumed she was off to rescue him from the height.


I was soooo wrong. I shoulda known better. Russ, being the gentleman that he clearly is, had the decency not to roll his eyes at my concern. And Aunt Shannon was quick to fill me in on Luke's sure-footed prowess. Here's why Heidi had disappeared:


Truly, a mom of boys. :-)

And, finally, here are the three girls (photo credit to Eldest Dude, tho I've got to dock him a few points for NOT telling me that I should take my hair out of the band!! My vanity made me say that.)


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Meliss said...

How fun!

And you look cute with your hair in a band!

Teri said...

That looks like so much fun. Love the shots!

JourneytoFamily said...

Great pictures! If we had a beach like that by our house, I might actually like going to the beach. (when the sun is going down and I don't have to wear 70 SPF)

And thanks to you... I've eaten In-N-Out for lunch two days in a row!

Jennifer said...

Fun! Crazy to see your boys and Heidi's in the same photos...

SKELLER said...

That's why you should head down here (where all the beaches are awesome like this!) ... and we'll join you there! ;-)

Jennifer - it was a bit surreal to me, too. So much fun!!

Meliss - Thanks!

Braja said...

That last photo of the 3 of you is absolutely stunning. Really. And who is the lady on the right, and why do I think I know her??! Please tell...

Kat said...

Love all the pictures! And that is so right about mothers of boys having different "worry" measuring sticks!

I spent yesterday with 5 other bloggers - and it was a WONDERFUL day!

Heidi said...

Wahoo! It is crazy to see pictures of myself and my family on your blog. :) We had so much fun. Thank you, again, for suggesting that we get together and taking the time to meet us at the beach. Now I can't wait to go through all my photos! It was the first thing I thought of when we arrived home at 5 am today, LOL.

Beth said...

OH Wow! My two favorite photographers in the world! how cool!

Donna Boucher said...

Hi Internet friends!!!

How cool you got together!


Beautiful families.
Beautiful pictures!