October 16, 2008

A Leisurely Evening Stroll ...

Well, ok, it was a leisurely evening stroll for ME and the Dog Dude.
These four dudes are training for the Turkey Trot.


I don't run. In the words of my youngest, "Running is not good to me." So the dog, my camera and I headed over in the direction of the sunset. Here are some things we passed along the way. Y'know how I said Fall in SoCal signals the beginning of fire season? Here in the distance you can see the smoke from the Pendleton Base fire last week. (oh yeah, now there are a couple new fires on Pendleton, but this fire is the one from last week).

Dana Pt. Harbor1

Here are a couple boat-y things.
Dana Pt. Harbor2Dana Pt. Harbor3

I get a HUGE kick out of these next photos. To me, they embody the spirit of "Stop and smell the Flowers." Every time I've walked over in this area at sunset time, there's a full audience of bench warmers, kicking back and watching the sun set.

Dana Pt. Harbor2

Dana Pt. Harbor3

Wanna see the sunset?

Dana Pt. Harbor2

One last shot as I head back to the van... Fires always make such eerie colored skies.

Dana Pt. Harbor2

FYI ... These are all photos taken [last week] with my Canon Rebel. Last night [we returned for more training], I left the dog at home (he was soooo sad) so that I could actually go down on the beach (which doesn't allow dogs), and I hauled my heavy 5d along this time. Tomorrow I'll post a couple of those pictures, give a lame sunset photo tip, and ask your opinion on which set of images you like best (because once again, I'm completely unable to make up my mind).

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Kat said...

You have a Canon rebel and a 5D? Color me envious :-)

I love my rebel. Such a great camera. I am in the market for a small camera. Something that I can stick in my purse and always have with me. I am leaning towards an Olympus. They have one that is crush proof, freeze, proof, and most excitedly - water proof. So, I can go in the pool or ocean with it and not worry one bit. Or have to get a housing for it or anything!

Now, your pictures are gorgeous as always. I love the last boat picture with all the purples.

Is this within walking distance of your house?

Heather said...

Absolutely breathtaking!

Beth said...

Enjoyed "smelling the flowers with you"!

I love the picture of the people enjoying the sunset. They are all black. That is a really neat image.

Heidi said...

What a spectacular series of photos, Susan!! You never cease to impress me. :)

It looks like we really are headed your way shortly. We'll be in SoCal the 27th-31st. We don't have any specific plans for those days other than Disneyland. I guess we're going with the flow. :) (Which is an important skill when you've got three little boys, LOL.) Email me (heidi@poetsgarden.com) if you're interested in possibly meeting up!

SKELLER said...

If "within walking distance" is 10 miles, then yes! But, we were "lazy" and drove ;-).

tearese said...

I Love that last sunset shot!

Teri said...

I can totally relate to running being bad for a person. It's too much work. :-)

Lisa said...

Hi Susan! Your photography is amazingly beautiful!!!
I hope you don't mind me asking, but have you heard any news on Leslie and the baby? I have been worrying, praying and hoping all is well...

Warmly - Lisa

JourneytoFamily said...

That second to last shot is A-MAZING!!! And I don't run either... unless someone is running after me with intent to harm or kill.

Rhea said...

God, your photos are GORGEOUS. All of them. And look at your turkeys runnin'. hehe

Darcy @ LWM3B said...

So people in CA actually hang out outside? Amazing. Here, I just turned on the heat in the house and I'm getting ready to hunker down for a long winter's nap.

Hunker down. *snort* Such a funny phrase.

And by getting ready for a long winter, it means I'm storing Nuts.

Currently, my nuts are spreading Legos all over their rooms. ;)

Darcy @ LWM3B said...

lol! I just read Jules's comment! Ahehahehaehaea.

Me either. I don't run unless something big and scary chases me.
Crack me up.