September 25, 2008

Lightroom - Some Preset Links

Lightroom Screenshot12

Matt Kloskowski's Video Explaining How to Install Presets

Matt Kloskowski's Lightroom Killer Tips Blog - has regular addition of new presets

The Ultimate Free List at Pro Photography Show

Heather Green Photography - keeps a lengthy, regularly updated list of various free presets

Presets Heaven Blog - a great site that lists various free presets. Includes instruction for importing presets into LR 2.0.

A couple learning tools:

Lynda.Com has a super large library of video tutorials for Lightroom. A $25 subscription gives you unlimited access to the tutorials for one month. (I got a free one month subscription with my PS purchase. I think $25 is a bargain for the wealth of information available there!)

Scott Kelby's Lightroom book is a great reference also.

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Tracy P. said...

Susan, I left you an award for making the blogosphere a beautiful place. It's kind of like David telling Goliath good job (a better comparison eludes me at the moment, but you get the picture), but I just wanted to send my readers to some yummy places. Yours came to mind right away! Play along if you wish, but mainly, know you're appreciated!

Chris said...

Hi Susan. A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of your blog. I've just started to get into photography and wow, you have become an instant inspiration! Your shots are beautiful!

You use Lightroom... have you used Aperture before? Would you say one is better than the other? I worked for Apple for 3 years but never bothered to play with Aperture because I didn't have a camera that justified the cost of the software... but that's changing now!!

Thanks for your blog. Its great!!

Chris said...

Well, you convinced me. I've bought Lightroom!
Now I'll need to spend some hours on the weekend figuring it out.

I'll have a look at some of the books you've recommended in other posts. They may have to wait a while though.... down here in Australia they cost almost as much as the software!