August 6, 2008

Summer Movie Fun

Our local theater has a free Family Film Festival each summer. So for the last three years we've been enjoying the theater experience with our good friends (together we're two moms and SIX boys - yikes!!).


To commemorate our shared fun movie experience, I, of course, wanted to take a group picture. My youngest not-so-cooperative son flat-out REFUSED to stand up so that I could take a decent photo. So, if you can't beat 'em (and, really, I couldn't beat him ... not out in public and all ... JUST KIDDING!!! sort of.), join 'em. Here are the boys imitating the Littlest Dude's posture.


And here is the Littlest Dude removing himself from my presence. Registering his STRONG disapproval. He wants me to know HOW MUCH he doesn't want to be here. Because, like, he HATES the fountain. Passionately.




Just look at HOW UNHAPPY that miserable fountain makes him:



I am such a mean Mama to torture him thus with that awful place. I hope he finds room in his heart to forgive me some day.

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Teri said...

Wow, yeah, sure looks like you are just the meanest Mom. Poor, poor little guy. :-)

Heidi said...

Mean mom! (I'm glad my boys aren't the only ones...)

Michelle said...

If he's anything like my boys, he was probably anxious to head off and get that movie started. I find that my boys can be very one-track-minded, how 'bout you?

Kat said...

Too funny. Today I did an homage to Teri...and about how trying it was to get my kids to cooperate with her photography sessions. Most of the time I wanted to string them up! (We use the threat of stapling them to the ceiling.)

Mama Peep said...

You are such a meanie! But so am I! I have to grab Baby Peep in just the right nmood otherwise....... Well, you don't want to be around us. We are both stubborn! But I don't lose! :-))

Patricia in WA
Happy WW

PS. I will reveal the location. I was waiting for Lisa or Tina to stop by. I bet they would know for sure!

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy! He reminds me of my youngest ds. He usually has moments like that too. I love your pics of the fountain. Really pretty!

SKELLER said...

Yup. Gimme that Mean Mom award ;-)

Michelle - the thing is, these were taken AFTER the movie. But, yes, he was definitely one-track-minded. He wanted to get home NOW. Because he was thirsty.

Bronwyn said...

Love the photo of all the boys bent over. So typical!

Rhea said...

You are the cruelest. lol

Love the fountain! And the group photo...although on kid's face looks scary...blurry and all.

MamáChanga said...

WOW!! Six boys and only 2 moms?! You all rock!! That fountain is beautiful and you're right sometimes you just have to go with the flow (a hard lesson for me to be learning at such an old age)!

Hugs & Blessings!