July 26, 2008

Look Who's a Year Older More Aged-to-Perfection...

Mr. Smart Alek

Of course, now the Littlest Dude must get in on the action.

Poor Dude. Has to light his own candles. Cause I'm no good with fire. Or mechanical things.

So, anyone want to guess the Big Dude's age?

Hey! That's not right!!!

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Kat said...

Happy Birthday! I don't think I've seen pics of your hubby before...but man, oh, man do your boys look just like him!

The Ridge School said...

Happy B'day.... Boy do I feel old.

Leslie said...

oh these photos Susan are awesome, they have so much personality and look so much like him.

these really are fantastic.

btw... I don't ever ever light matches or a lighter either, frieks me out, funny. Must be our not mechanical sides....

Rhea said...

39! He's such a cutie. I mean, what a great smile. Your boys (all of em) have such wonderful smiles. I see now where they get it from.

Fun pictures! I love how I can count on you daily for great photos!

Rhea said...

BTW, you have a great smile too! I love you and your whole family!

In a totally, non-stalker kind of way.

Teri said...

Happy Birthday! Cool shots, love the muted look.

tearese said...

your hubby has a cute smile. Happy birthday!