July 5, 2008


4th of July1

We walked over to the local fireworks show. I was too lazy to haul along my fabulous camera, so these were all taken in the dark (thus the blurry, noisy rendering) with our point & shoot camera and then lightened in Lightroom. This collage was also created with my demo copy of Lumapix. So. much. fun. So easy. Just one photo to download to Blogger instead of seven. Gotta love that.

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tearese said...

nice fireworks shot even for a point and shoot! I wasn't patient enough to try taking any the right way, so I have none to show for it.

MamáChanga said...

I didn't even dare try to take pics of the fireworks, besides we had really bad seats @ Disneyland--lol!! Great pics & totally understand what you mean about lugging around the fab camera vs. the point & shoot. I probably should've taken that one to Disneyland!

Teri said...

Oh, I love Fotofusion by Lumapix! I purchased the scrapbook version which is just perfect for me. Great pix.

Rhea said...

Beautiful pictures, even without the mega-awesome camera. I like the idea of collaging things more...less downloading and beautiful presentation. You may start a trend.