July 21, 2008

Fairs, Flags and Food = Good Times

I'm sure this might sound sacrilegious, but we ate dinner at home BEFORE going to the fair. Call me cheap. But honestly... we went to the fair on Free Children day, and it still cost us $23 just to park and walk thru the entrance. The food was incredibly expensive. Those Australian Battered Potatoes below? $12 for a small tub. $9+ for a hamburger. The corndogs were relatively cheap, but the kids don't like corndogs :-(. We did end up buying a huge plate of curly fries with ranch sauce + a soda to share. Even that was $8. Geesh. Were fairs always this expensive??? Ok, I'm done being wordy and pontificating on the ridiculous price of family entertainment ...

OC Fair6

OC Fair3

OC Fair2

OC Fair1

OC Fair5

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Kat said...

Sounds like fair offerings are more expensive than at Disney World. What makes Australian potatoes Australian?

And I do remember the last time I was at the fair. It was when I was pregnant with Madalyn. And I had a craving for corn dogs. And I had two.

Leslie said...

seriously expensive. Nick and I went a couple years ago, just to people watch, then we went to Claim Jumper... :)

Rhea said...

You're smart to feed them first. Knowing my luck, my kids would eat first, and then be STARVING again by the time we were at the fair.

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

the question is not "What makes them Australian"...rather, "How can the Aussies take a crime like 'battery' and turn it into a business venture"

Irene said...

I love those battered potatoes (not that I'm supposed to eat them, mind you) but $12??!! They have really gone up in price. Shoot.

Donna Boucher said...

Wonderful colors.
Interesting food :o)