June 16, 2008

My Sweet Middle Dude

He starts every day this way: giving the Dog Dude some lovin'.

Tyler Kona1

Tyler Kona1

Tyler Kona2

Tyler Kona3

Tyler Kona2

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Kat said...

Awww...there is nothing sweeter than a child and their pet. We just have a cat. And an invisible one at that. So...here in Texas, Cindy has a dog and three friendly cats...and my girls are in heaven!

Mike said...

Kona, Wiley, Merci & Sky are all such loving animals. They all seemed to land in just the right places.
Mike & Carol & Sky

Rhea said...

I love watching the interactions between boys and their dogs. Seriously sweet. Your dog looks like he's having a blast. lol I love it when Annie's upside down and playful.

SKELLER said...

Mike - you're sooo right. Spoiled puppies :-)