June 9, 2008

It's a Boys' World...

Setting the Stage: Nana helped the boys start a "friendly" war. I missed the war itself, because the Big Dude and I got a date while Nana & Papa hung out with the dudes. But here's the board I found the morning after:

boys' world - setting the stage7

All the very best boy ingredients are in there...

boys' worldboys' world
boys' world7boys' world7
army guys & paraphernalia, hot wheels, miscellaneous Lego figures, SpongeBob's Grumpy Bus Driver (duh!), and no board would be complete without .... Star Wars miniatures!

boys' world7

boys' world8boys' world7boys' world9

photo tip: to capture your kiddos in the midst of play, get low to the ground :-).

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Tina said...

That looks like a lot of fun!


Rhea said...

NO way! That is awesome! I love all the war photos. What an great set up. I love it when my kids play like that. lol Glad you got a date night.

Amanda Jo said...

I LOVE this!!!

Love it.

Lisawa said...

Alright nana and papa! One for date night and 2... help w/ the battle!

Little dudes face expression is priceless...I have to show Christian.. she is a natural talent when it comes to photos... she will love this.

Kat said...

Look at all those figures! Mine just have war with words.

So...what did you do for your date night?!

SKELLER said...

Thanks, All.

Lisa - my little guy has such funny expressions in these, because he's making raspberry-ish machine gun noises while he moves around the important parts. :-D

Kat - it's our Anniversary Week, so The Dude said we could do anything I wanted ... so long as it didn't cost more than $30!! He was joshing. But, if you don't count the gas (argh!!!), we succeeded. We walked around some koi ponds and Laguna Beach shops, played tennis at the "top of the world" (the tip top of LB), ate baja fish tacos & chips with amazing guacamole at my favorite Tacqueria, ordered a door at Lowe's (that doesn't figure into the $30 date budget!!), and finished up playing cribbage at Sbux while sharing a white chocolate mocha. All in all, a very good time.

MamáChanga said...

Hooray for date night, AND Happy Anniversary!

Although Da'Gorgeouses are both girls, they are always intrigued whenever their boy cousins drag out all of those cool toys. I'm wondering if down the road they'll have their own "friendly" wars. Your littlest one is so cute. I love those shots from his level.

Note to self: Must get down on the floor to their level and somehow avoid the little fingers headed towards the lens.

Dana said...

Beautiful! My son likes to set up his railroad track and then run over people.