June 7, 2008

He Loves His Daddy.

He Loves His Daddy

He Loves His Daddy

a couple photography notes: I was shooting these park pics around sundown. Since I didn't want to use flash and the light was dim, I bumped my ISO as high as it could go. Doing that allows the camera to "gulp up" more light faster, allowing a quicker shutter speed that will let me get a non-blurry image. If you don't have an slr-type camera, you can mimic this ISO-bumping by choosing your action mode (usually it's a graphic with a person running).

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Donna Boucher said...

Great results!!!
I really love that bottom shot!

tearese said...

fun pics! Hey...I downloaded the free TRA and they work just as well as PW's on my photoshop 7 (meaning they 'mostly' work)...I've already worked on tons of shots. Thanks for the link!

Kat said...

Hey...I can use a word today that is not beautiful. He is so handsome. And I love the expression on his face in that second picture. Looks like he knows a secret!

SKELLER said...

Thanks, Donna!

Tearese - Yay!! I'm so glad they (mostly) worked. I'm just really impressed with the TRA stuff (he's the same guy who fine-tuned Pioneer Woman's actions)

Kat - variety is the spice of life, eh??? The littlest guy always kinda smirks like he knows something we don't ... he's probably right :-D

Rhea said...

I couldn't tell what they were doing in the first pic, but the second pic straightened me out.

Great photos, and thanks for the advice! I love seeing men playing with their children. So touching!

I agree with Kat, that expression is great.

MamáChanga said...

Isn't it just great when you catch those perfect moments of your little one with Daddy?! I can't ever really express in words the feelings I get when I see one or both of Da'Gorgeouses playing with their daddy. All I know is when I see it, it makes me love him even more.

Great pics of your little one! I just love his smile!

Phyllis said...

Hmmm, I'll have to try that action shot idea on my teeny tiny Canon next time the light is low... Thanks for the suggestion.

Leslie said...

loving these, oh so much.

Look at you sharing all your photo goodness... loving it Susan... :)


SKELLER said...

I've learned all my best tips from you, Leslie :-)