June 11, 2008

Does this count as PE?

The Big Dude hooked up the web cam for the boys. This is what ensued for the next couple hours.
Violence -
Web Cam1Web Cam2Web Cam5

And drama -
Web Cam3Web Cam4Web Cam7

And chimping (y'know, when you look at the back of your digital camera to check the pic) taken to a whole new level -
Web Cam6Web Cam8Web Cam9

Web Cam1

Web Cam2

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Lisawa said...

That’s so awesome! The last one is fun! I like that we can almost see you behind the dudes!! *Ü*



Lindsey said...

It definitely counts as PE! lol. Looks like a lot of fun.

MamáChanga said...

Haha! I love the CHIMPING!! Looks like loads of fun!

Anonymous said...

LOL! They were having so much fun!

The Ridge School said...

How we humans love to watch ourselves. Yup, that's PE! Very funny!


Katy said...

I want to marry your blog. :P


Anonymous said...

My daughter does that with our webcam too! She has figured out how to use even without my help (she's only 4...).

You always take such great pictures!

Happy WW!

Amy :)

Anonymous said...

Now I want a webcam! My boys would do the exact same thing. :)

Kat said...

My girls are such hams. They would love this. You should see the spectacle they make of themselves every time we walk into Target and they see themselves on the closed circuit tv. And then my mom got them a karaoke machine...with video...they love watching themselves.

Mama Peep said...

YUP! YUP! This is the typical reaction in our house. We use it to talk to grandma and relatives overseas and they just make complete fools of themselves. :-) It is very funny. I had never thought to take pictures of them. hmmmm...... :-)


Rhea said...

ROFL That's hilarious. Children can be so easily amused sometimes. What a great way to keep them (out of your hair) occupied for a while.

Great photos!!

aunttea said...

PE and media arts Ü