May 27, 2008

Oh yeah - I'm a total wine connoisseur.

In recipes that call for "cooking wine?" I don't use no stinkin' cooking wine. I use the real thing! And how do I go about choosing just the right wine for the recipe? Well, since you asked ... I choose the proper wine based upon a few considerations: a pretty label on the bottle, perhaps a quirky design detail or two, and whether or not it's on SALE. Following are some of my more recent acquisitions:

Oh yeah.  I'm a total wine connoisseur.5Oh yeah.  I'm a total wine connoisseur.6Oh yeah.  I'm a total wine connoisseur.7

Oh yeah.  I'm a total wine connoisseur.3

So. Knowing what you now know about me ... which of the following bottles do you suppose I contributed to my parents' pretty wine refrigerator?

Oh yeah.  I'm a total wine connoisseur.4

Oh yeah.  I'm a total wine connoisseur.2

Oh yeah.  I'm a total wine connoisseur.1
Hmmm.... cute, quirky, cheap. Check, check, check. :-)

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Rhea said...

ROFL I love seeing all the different wine labels and names. There are some super creative and funny ones out there (like the Happiness wine you gave your parents).

I don't drink much wine. The nitrates give me headaches apparently. Lovely, huh?

SKELLER said...

Rhea, clearly I don't drink much either, or my vino pre-requisites might look a whole lot different ;-)

Leslie said...

hillarious.. really.

Lisa said...

You crack me up! I don't use cooking wine either. I use the eral thing. I've found that I prefer some of the cheaper wines over the more expensive ones :-)

For beef dishes I use a West Coast wine. Wente is the vineyard. They make a great Merlot. I'm not sure about the cuteness of the label, but it is good for drink and cooking.

I don't drink a lot of wine either. The nitrates bother me too. Champagne, on the other problem with that.

Donna Boucher said...

When I was growing up that bare foot was a logo for Hang Ten clothing.