May 12, 2008

Mother's Day cont.

Darcy's the Bomb!! She redesigned my blog and made it beautiful. Now she's hosting a contest; the prize is a blog makeover package!! Go check out the details...

Mother's Day2

I had to include this photo larger so you could see my Eldest Dude's addition to my cup. :-)

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Rhea said...

What an adorable addition to your Starbucks cup!! awwww!!!

I've noticed several blogs I read daily that have been designed by the woman who did yours, and I'm so impressed by all of them. I am definitely entering her giveaway because I really want mine redesigned. I have some ideas...and I need HELP!

SKELLER said...

Rhea - Darcy is super uber talented and creative and has a beautiful eye. I hope you win :-)

Rhea said...

Thanks, Susan! I just finished my entry post on my blog and I really hope I win too. I've been eyeing her for a while...and waiting for her to have room to open up to take on more clients. She's been all full up!

How much did it cost you? Or did she do it for free, just asking for a donation?