May 31, 2008

How I wish these pink beauties bloomed longer...

Botanical Bokeh

Alas, they bloom once a year for about 3 weeks. Unlike their purple counterpoint, which blooms 2-3x per year and for several weeks each time. Funny, eh?


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Rhea said...

Amazing. Truly amazing. Where did you find those? I may need to print this picture out and put it on my wall. Seriously.

*Ü* Lisawa said...

That is so pretty... that macro?? Micro lenses you have, is amazing!

The colors are so vibrant....

Beautiful....are they in your yard??


SKELLER said...

Hi Guys :-)-
Yes, both these iceplants are in my yard.
Rhea - if you decide you want to print this, email me (my email is buried in the "gallery" section), and I can send you the high-res version.

Rhea said...

Iceplants. Ok, now I know what they're called. Thanks!!

I will email you. Thanks.