May 10, 2008

Back in the day, did George Lucas remotely have a clue ...

that three decades hence little boys (and bigger boys) everywhere would still be battling it out with plastic light sabers?

Star Wars2Star Wars1

Star Wars3
Star Wars4

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tearese said...

My 19 year old brother has six of them.

Donna Boucher said...

You may be short on words, but the words you choose are excellent :o)

I followed you over here from Jessica Claires.

I read your comment and thought, that sounds like my Susan :o)

Kat said...

Things I am missing out on! No light sabers here. The girls have never seen "Star Wars." They do like the Star Tours ride at MGM. Actually, when we were there last September, we rode with Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper. The storm trooper kept messing with the girls' pony tails. Katie and Maddie had no clue. They could not appreciate how lucky they were to ride with such characters!

Kat said...

Oh...and in that first picture...what kind of plant is that in the background...with the red flowers? Really pretty. Is it a vine or more of a bush?

Rhea said...

Kat, I bet if you gave your girls some light sabers, they would have fun with them!

Susan, I totally agree. Boys and light matter what age...go hand in hand.

I love the helmet...makes it look like a dangerous sport. lol

Looks like those boys are having fun! Thanks for sharing, loved it!

SKELLER said...

Tearese- see? age doesn't seem to matter. it's a boy thang...

Donna - I'm so tickled you recognize "my voice" :-). How fun was that having Jessica & Ree in the same internet space?!?

Kat - I totally agree with Rhea ... betcha your girls would have a blast with the sabers... And the plant is Bouganvillea (depending how you trim it up or let it go, it can be a tree, a vine, OR a bush!!)

Rhea - I'd love to attribute the helmut to the saber-play (ha!), but it was really just left over from his recent bike ride.

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

omgoodness. I so wish we were neighbors, dear skeller, because our boys would have soooo much fun together.

so has the indiana jones big hit your house, too???

SKELLER said...

Ooohh, Darcy, wouldn't that be fun?!? 6 BOYS + light sabers and we could call it recess, right?!?

And yes, Indiana Jones is quite popular hereabouts. Even the Littlest Dude hums the theme song.