April 11, 2008

The STEEP Trail 6 "short-cut."

I'm not kidding. It was steep. And narrow. And I was NOT wearing climbing shoes. But my little mountain goats seemingly had no problems. They quickly scaled right up that trail. But hey, they weren't taking photos like I was. Yeah. That's why it took me so much longer. ;-)





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Rhea said...

Well, not only were you taking fabulous photos, but you were carrying a nice camera, so you had to be careful and go slowly...plus we all know you didn't have good climbing shoes on. lol

Your little billy goats look like they're having a blast.

Donna Boucher said...

I hate when people say they are jealous, and God tells us not to complain, so I will say,
you live in a glorious place and I want you to enjoy it and delight in it for me. Okay?

Your picrures are beautiful!

SKELLER said...

Thanks, Ree :-)

Donna - let's make a deal: I'll delight in the beauty around me for you ... and you can delight in that Audrey workshop for me!! :-) Have a fantastic time!

SKELLER said...

Whoops. Rhea, not Ree. ;-)