April 22, 2008

Puppy Sibling Reunion

We adopted Kona, the Dog Dude, almost two years ago. His pregnant mama was rescued from a dog pound and placed with the most wonderful foster family. Mama had 8 surviving puppies who were adopted out to various families. Four of us have remained in contact, and this last weekend we all got together and reunited the "puppies."


It's not easy to get four dogs to cooperate for a photoshoot! We needed the Dog Whisperer's help, methinks!


IMG_3345 IMG_3354
The BoysThe Girls

'Twas a really enjoyable afternoon. The nicest people. The sweetest dogs. I think we all decided this would be a nice annual event. :-)

ps. to the Puppy People: We weighed our beast. The verdict? 64 lbs.

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Rhea said...

Our Sweet Annie outweighs your Kona dog dude. She's up to 80lbs, I believe! She's a well muscled, big boned gal. hehe

Love that you guys got the doggy siblings together! That's so sweet. Do the dogs seem to recognize each other and get along? Great photos!

I love the dog whisperer. He's awesome!

SKELLER said...

I couldn't say with any confidence that they recognized each other; but I can say that Kona didn't respond in terror to any of them ... which is saying something, cause he's quite a sissy ;-)

Kat said...

How fun! We have friends with adopted labs...and they get together with the litter mates each year for birthdays, too. This year they went to the lake. I think her car is still recovering from the ride home! :-)

Mike & Carol said...

We loved the presentation.
It was so good to meet you, all the dudes.
Mike & Carol & Sky

SKELLER said...

Kat - yes, dogs do quite a job on car interiors. As if it's not bad enough having slobber marks on my sliding glass doors in the house. I have the matching decor in the van. ;-)

Mike Carol & Sky - how fun!! You guys got a blogger id :-) It was a really wonderful afternoon with you all...

LisaWA said...

A puppy reunion? How cute! I never would of thunk it...

They are beautiful dogs my dear...

Lori Carr said...

My boys would be in heaven around all those dogs!:)