April 26, 2008

Joshua Tree - Last Day "Camping"

Camping in the Truck
Nap Time in the Truck

Me: Lie down and rest.
Littlest Dude: But I'm not sleepy.
Me: Stop talking. Stop squirming. Stop whining. And rest!
Littlest Dude: [silence]

Desert Blooms


The Big Dude cooks chocolate chip pancakes over an open fire (cause we forgot the propane for the campstove. oops!). And the Little Dudes eat 'em up while the sun sets.



And the "camping" trip ends much as the afternoon begun. With a nap.

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Rhea said...

The little bit of color in the "desert blooms" pictures really pop out at me. Beautiful.

Chocholate chip pancakes? You're awesome! I forget that I can actually add stuff to pancake mix. My kids will be shocked if I do something radical like that. lol

Your conversation with your little dude remind me so much of mine with my little dude. He's always talking one second, totally out the next. My older son doesn't do that anymore, at least not quite so dramatically. It's truly a younger child thing. I love it. It cracks me up every time.

Great post with wonderful pictures, as usual! And, I'm so happy to find a new post this late at night (it's past 11pm here).

It's taken me three tries to get the darn word verification tonight. It's messin' with me.

LISE said...

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Compared to you, I live far in the North countries. By now, we still have snow on the ground. Your pictures make me feel like I am spending a few moments in Summer.

Chocolate chips pancakes are a great idea. I will try them on our next camping trip.

Kat said...

Black and white with pops of color is my favorite. Darcy even did it for me in my header! I need to figure out how to make photoshop do that. Have you downloaded Pioneer woman's actions? It's the only thing I know how to do :-)

SKELLER said...

Rhea - wouldn't word verification be a thousand times better if it were actually a word?!? can't tell you how many times I've had to re-enter when it's something like zxkkqmtxp. pffft.

Lise - thanks for your kind words. I hope your Spring arrives soon :-)

Kat - I don't know specifically how PS works, but look for the color hue/saturation/lighting thingy. For any photo you should be able to desaturate to "fade" the colors (all the way to a b&w photo) and then you can always pick particular colors and add back in by saturating just those.

Kat said...

Ummm...yeah. What you just said...is just like "I wish the word verification was just a word." :-)