March 29, 2008

Yin & Yang? and/or Harmonious Co-existence?

Yin & Yang  and/or  Harmonious Co-existence?  #1

Yin & Yang  and/or  Harmonious Co-existence?  #2

Yin & Yang  and/or  Harmonious Co-existence #3Yin & Yang  and/or  Harmonious Co-existence #3

Nature and Infrastructure at the local university. A strangely beautiful combination, methinks.

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Kat said...

"You must find balance, young Padawan." Great pictures -- love the black/white color one. Are those black-eyed susans?

gekke mum said...

beautiful it is mmmm?

Rhea said...

I'm so impressed the way you photograph infrastructure in nature, making it look so natural and artistic. Very awesome photos! Tell me, are your home walls covered in your framed photographs? They should be!

Lisa said...

Stunning pics. I love the juxtaposition of the natural to the manmade. We may have to add that theme to our photography projects basket!

By the way, I followed the link to your friend's book and read the sample. I really enjoyed it and hope her book does well! Thanks for linking it.

SKELLER said...

Gekke & Kat - methinks you both possess the wisdom of Yoda. And Kat, they're not b-e'd susans. I saw them at Lowe's, but I've fotgotten their name.

Rhea - I'm working on covering my walls ;-). So far, I've just done some smaller prints. I've got in mind some B-I-G prints (canvas, perhaps?) for down the road, but I've gotta do some saving first...

Lisa - glad I could contribute an idea for your basket :-). And about the book, you might already know this, but Kim Tate is "Kim in MO" from the WTM boards. Neat, eh?

Lisa said...


Wow! I didn't know that about Kim in Mo. Thanks for the heads-up! How grand!