March 7, 2008

Preset Me.

Preset me

This is more Lightroom (software) magic - all these (some subtly) different photo finishes all by the click of a button.

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LisaWA said...

Its great to see so many smiling faces as I come to see whats up at your place! I love it...

Some day....when I grow up... I wanna take pictures just like you!

Ok.. Im off to see what else is new!


KathyJo said...

Look, pretty lady, I've told you before that California freaky people aren't allowed to mention the weather on my blog 'til spring. I may have to put you on probation. ;)

Love the pictures, though they make me want to scream in frustration since I still have white stuff on the ground and the animals' water keeps freezing outside. *sigh* I almost got a digital SLR, but, alas, I really needed to go with the laptop this time. But perhaps when Ernie's wallet recovers... :)

SKELLER said...

Lisa, wanna know my secret? Take 100s of photos, expect a couple that I actually like.

Kathy - If I apologize will you not put me on probation? I'm, like, soooo sorry. Sometimes I just can't restrain myself. ;-) It's just toooo easy...