November 18, 2007

The Photo Gallery

My website:

Susan Keller Photography


It's probably weird to mix my floral photography in with my portrait work, but it's my website, so I did it! :-) You can find my floral work in the Galleries. You can also find more floral photographs in the Client Section - just type "floral" in the password box. From the client section you can add any of the photographs to the cart for purchase. And to see the cart, just press the little shopping cart in the lower left corner (can I just say, that took me the longest time to figure out!?!)

So far I've only downloaded a few photographs. If there's a photograph (or a size configuration) that you're interested in that you don't see in there, just Email Me! or leave a comment. I can always add to the gallery to accomodate your wishes.

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