March 24, 2008

Easter with Boys

This is how I picture pretty Easter eggs.

Happy Easter
My Dad's traditional "ugly egg" is the back left one; and my Husband's "Darth V'eggter" is the back right one. The rest are very pretty. (These are our eggs from last year)

However, this is the reality with Boys decorating eggs.


This year, my Eldest made a bloody Captain Bones (one of the main characters in the book he's writing) egg. My next eldest made a lovely yellow egg and then put stickers on it: "Haha, Mommy, look! The bunny got run over by the firetruck!" My youngest dipped his egg for a whole 2 minutes and then wanted stickers and shrink wrap all over it.

But lest you fear I'm raising a bunch of hooligan heathens...


... My Middle Dude recreated Good Friday with Legos - the crown of thorns and the 3 crosses with the Yellow Cross being Jesus ("because He's the Light, Mommy."), the Red Cross being the criminal who remains in his sins, and the White Cross being the Criminal who Believes and is Saved.

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Kat said...

Pretty! We haven't colored eggs in forever...I would label it a craft project which I avoid like the plague :-)

Rhea said...

Beautiful photos! I love the Darth Vader egg. That's too funny. Your's dad traditional ugly one is quite an interesting shade of brown. You have very creative boys!

Lisa said...

Those lego crosses are so precious. My ds would love the Vader egg! Happy Easter.

Phyllis said...

I love the Legos. The kids always come up with the most creative and touching Lego constructions.

LisaWA said...

That was precious! See, they are just as imaginative and creative as mom!

Happy Late Easter!