February 25, 2008

Seek and Find...

"The Office"

One headless dog.
One upset little boy. Because his big brother was singing.
Blog post being edited.
Lovely new "book" shelves that I filled instead with photos.
One frame yet to be filled.
One missing desk chair (cause I'm standing on it to take picture).
Two napkins left over from my last snacks.
Bills to pay. Books to read.
Tripod, waiting patiently for another walk.
One dog toy - to discourage dog from chewing on Legos and books.
Cold Stone Creamery coupon on "end table."
One Ikea clock that always says 10:10. No battery. Too lazy.
And Waldo. Nah, just kidding. But I bet there's a little Lego guy and his weapons stuffed somewhere between the couch cushions.

picture shelf


gekke mum said...

haha - i always think of you when i change a toy battery - that you don't! i have a clock hanging in teh kitchen that has needed a battery. with a clock on the microwave & my cd/radio, why bother getting a stool!

30seconds.blogs.com said...

Fun idea to have a list of things to look for in the photo! Thanks!

Donna Boucher said...

Where are you getting your pictures printed?
I love this picture!!!

SKELLER said...

Gekke-hehe. yup, why bother? :-)

Katherine - Thanks!

Donna - I mostly print them at Costco (especially now that I've discovered how to disable their "autocorrect color" feature). Sometimes I print at home, but I'm still struggling to try & make my printer work like it's supposed to. Too.much.technical.information -- makes my head hurt. sigh.

Leslie said...

love this. love it, and told you that wall would photo beautifully.. cause look it did... :)

love that B is fussing and your too busy standing on the stool.. thats how things go down at my house too!

Diane said...

That room is so cool. Makes me want to get some yellow paint!

Tina said...

LOL, that is my child too. Upset becasue someone is signing, talking, walking, you name it... If they are in "that mood" (normally just tired), anything will bother them.

I love that rug. :o)


gekke mum said...

oh...and i just read Officer Buckle & Gloria for the first time & was thinking of you. (it's funny!) Do you know his safety tip for not standing on swivel chairs? Is your desk chair swivel-ey???

SKELLER said...

Leslie - you were right. that's why you get paid the big bucks for pictures :-)

Gekke - love that book. tho, I admit I've forgotten the safety warning about swivel chairs. no fears, tho. my "office" chair is just a leftover chair from an old, long gone kitchen set. I'm ready for something that's a little softer on my aging tush....