February 8, 2008

I almost skipped Orange...

I don't know why. I like orange. I even have an orange wall in my house - right by my desk, as a matter of fact. My favorite gum is orange. The boys' favorite snacks (Goldfish and Cheese-its) are orange. Poppies and sunsets (two of my favorite things) are orange. And then I saw Leslie's orange pictures. And I knew I couldn't skip orange.

Orange Iceland Poppy





And to top it all off, we went to the Natural History Museum this week with friends and there we found this very large, very orange exhibit. Cool.


gekke mum said...

MY FAVORITE COLOR!!!! Just seeing these made me happy & energized. My 2 fav. gum flavors are that same Trident, and the Watermelon Extra...
Orange! Orange! Orange!
You beautifully did it justice :)

Skeller said...

I love the watermelon-kiwi one, too ... but only the summer. Funny, eh?