February 23, 2008

And more daisies ...

African Daisies

African Daisy

African Daisies

African Daisies
The Daisy family—Compositae, sometimes called Asteraceae—is the largest in the plant kingdom, comprising more than 20,000 species. Writer William Sutherland penned in 1871 that daisies and composites are “a horde of barbarians which no sane gardener would admit within the boundaries.”

I admit that I have none of these "barbarians" in my own yard because the Big Dude prefers our yard to have a "desert scape" flare. And tho I've plopped numerous palms thru-out the yard (hey, even deserts have oases, right?!?), flower beds really don't appeal to the hubbie's desert ideals (not to mention that they would probably quickly grow over and obscure from view his beloved boulders!!). So I'm content to walk a distance to appreciate these beauties. Yikes, that was pretty wordy for me, wasn't it?


Leslie said...

let me say, not that I don't LOVE your pictures of your "dudes" but flowers are trully where your beyond gifted.....

LisaWA said...

Those are beautiful! Oh spring... hurry!