January 3, 2008

Our Canyon

This is the canyon at the bottom of our neighborhood. It's the canyon I love to look out my window and see and ponder whether it's cloudy or clear down at the beach. It's the canyon the Big Dude likes to run & bike in, and the little dudes enjoy hiking in. The dog dude would like it too, but the park bans him from entering. It used to be a cattle ranch.

The fencing remains, but the ranch is long gone.

The Big Dude, his Dad, and the little Dudes search for crayfish.

1 comment:

Tina said...

Poor Dog Dude... :o(

I love looking at scenery and pondering such things. We have a lot of tree (greenbelt) in our back yard, but I would a LOVE mountain view. Someday... :o)