January 24, 2008

From Bud to Flower in 40 Minutes...

About to Bloom - Iceland Poppy
Iceland Poppy
Freshly bloomed Iceland Poppy
It's downright amusing how much fun I can have with a $1.97 plant from Lowes.


Leslie said...

beautiful.. you seriously rock flowers... amazing..

I so want to drool over your Macro 5D combo... really badly.

Skeller said...

Leslie -
you know you're welcome to come over any day and drool and play (anytime after 11a, that is ... we gotta get some school done before *I* play :-)

Mama Peep said...

Those are awesome. When I first got my rebel I was buying flowers like crazy just to have something to take pictures of. :-)

You are very talented.


Jackie in AR said...

How pretty! Makes me long for spring on this cold, cold winter day.

Leslie said...

hmmm still drooling..

I had my I NEEEEED new equipment meltdown with Nick yesterday.. he laughed and went and got me chocolate....

it calmed me down.

today Im back to my want list and I threw all the chocolate out of the house... (or ate it!)


*we should play

gekke mum said...

uh yah... and A LOT of patience! 40 min?