December 19, 2007

Making Christmas Cookies

Making Christmas Cookies
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We interrupt this "beach week" to show you today's mess, errr, project. Pictured are the clean-up crew, the cook's helper, and the resulting product. Yes, Papa, there will be some leftovers awaiting your SoCal arrival. ;-)


Mama Peep said...

I should be sleeping instead of lookingon blogs and now you are making me hungry. Those look delish!!!!!! You have great helpers.

Patricia in WA

Leslie said...

oh Susan, these are beautiful images, with fantastic color. I really really mean that!

I sense that there couple pages for year in the albums is a thing of the past. How will you ever ever choose? And can you please share with me, is that the gingerbread kit from Costco. I have now seen it twice this morning on blogs... Its super darling, and might fun admist my cookie decorating party.

Ohh and recipe for Cookies they lood delish, is that peppermint sprinkled on top.


Skeller said...

You're up and commenting EARLY :-) Yup, it's the Costco house ($9). Great price for great little kit. And it was plenty messy even without making the gingerbread from scratch! I'll email you the recipe - I just got it from a friend. They taste like brownie cookies.