December 14, 2007

California Christmas Silliness

California Christmas Silliness
Originally uploaded by Skeller5
I soooo loved MizBooshay's Christmas ornament in the snow, that I had to throw an ornament of my own onto the grass, into the iceplant, and onto a fishtail palm. Here's my California interpretation of her Wisconsin beauty. :-)


Donna Boucher said...

Funny! I really like the storyboard:o)
You should think of other odd places to put your floating in the pool :o)

Janet said...

Great pictures!

I can relate to the ornament in the grass. :)

Visiting from Donna's blog.

Skeller said...

Floating in a pool ... a fun idea indeed!

Janet - we southwest gals must bask in the sunny warmth and embrace our non-white-Christmases, eh?

Leslie said...

fun fun fun.
Your just Loving your camera.

ohh and banana's haven't helped at all. We have been doing the brat diet all the way... ecckkk