November 25, 2007


Yes, I do know that in SoCal it is almost sinful NOT to have pedicured, painted toenails. So be it. This is me.


Leslie said...

Love this.
I think your officially addicted.

L said...

In response to Leslie's comment: Addicted to what? Must be an in joke or something.

In reponse to post: I love this photo. My nails get painted maybe once a year, if I visit my mother and she treats me to a pedicure. Otherwise, they are au naturel (and I have huge bunions, flat feet, and I'm knock-kneed). But I'm happy in sneakers, I like to walk barefoot on the beach, too :-) Your feet look happy and healthy.

Skeller said...

:-) No inside joke. Leslie is my professional photographer friend who takes the MOST AWESOME pictures. She's just acknowledging my current photograph/blog addiction (this was right after I began the blog).